Team changes to drive FLAIM Commercialisation

UncategorisedJune 25th, 2024

FLAIM Systems is pleased to provide an update regarding the Company’s ongoing development to innovate training systems that combine the physical and virtual worlds, to provide purposeful, evidence-based training for people who confront high-risk situations.

As part of the Company’s focus on commercialisation and meeting the needs of the expanding customer base, FLAIM commenced the expansion of the product delivery team in late 2023 adding multiple roles in the software, hardware and the learning and data analysis functions.

In line with this expansion the Company has transitioned the duties of FLAIM’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr James Mullins AM, to this delivery and continual development team.

This transition has been completed over the past several months and coincides with Dr Mullins’ appointment to a new role leading the Defence and Security Strategic Partnerships team within Deakin University, a significant shareholder in FLAIM.

Dr Mullins will continue in a mentoring role supporting FLAIM’s future technology improvements and innovation. The Company views disaggregating the CTO’s responsibilities as a positive key person risk mitigation strategy and an opportunity to accelerate FLAIM’s development of human capital.

Dr Mullins was initially seconded to FLAIM as a Founding Researcher in 2018 to oversee the transfer of the technology and intellectual property from Deakin University to FLAIM. In the role of CTO, Dr Mullins has been instrumental in developing this IP into firefighter training products that FLAIM has since deployed to more than 400 customers in 45 countries.

Since FLAIM spun-out of Deakin, the Company has continued to collaborate to explore and execute on opportunities to rapidly commercialise university research and innovation through FLAIM’s ecosystem, including the delivery of a firefighter training research and development project for the Royal Australian Navy. Through Dr Mullins and FLAIM’s mutual connection with Deakin, an opportunity has presented for Dr Mullins to embark on a new journey to further his career as the lead role in the newly formed Defence and Security Strategic Partnerships team. The role will be integral to the success of partnerships, programs and major initiatives which have high strategic value for Deakin University and its strategic partners, both nationally and internationally.

Simon Miller, FLAIM CEO, said: “James’s energy, talent, passion and commitment have been instrumental in FLAIM’s success to date. Knowing that he will remain part of our DNA, albeit not in a day-to-day capacity, is important to FLAIM and we are delighted to see James have this opportunity to develop into broader fields. We wish James the very best of success for this new challenge.”

Dr James Mullins AM said: “I’ve been working on FLAIM technology for around a decade now and it will always be something I’m passionate about. My new role at Deakin allows me to support the next generation of commercialisation. I’ve been a part of Deakin for over half my life now and I see so many exciting technologies which need expert help to get out of the lab, so I am looking forward to getting back in the Deakin research ecosystem and supporting the development of the next generation of engineers.”