FLAIM Trainer Software Update and New Scenarios – R1 2022

NewsMay 3rd, 2022

The first FLAIM Trainer software release for 2022 is here!

This release is one of our most significant to date – with some incredible updates including a new compartment fire system, providing a more authentic and visceral firefighting experience; the ability for instructors to dynamically impact scenarios; the introduction of a thermal imaging camera to search for and rescue people; a wildfire burnover procedural scenario and much more.

We are excited to share these improvements in more detail below. You will find:

  • A video from FLAIM Founder and CTO James Mullins showcasing the highlights of the release
  • FLAIM Trainer updates in detail
  • FLAIM Team updates
  • Product registration and downloadable instructions (this is how you access the latest release!)
  • Latest news from around the world

We would like to thank our 40 partners and over 180 customers around the world for your continuous support and dedication to FLAIM. We love hearing your feedback and seeing all of you engaged in the mission of better training through our multi-sensory immersive learning solutions.


A message from FLAIM Founder & CTO James Mullins


FLAIM Trainer Updates

New Compartment Fire System

This release showcases our new compartment fire system. Several features have been developed for this new update but here are two of the key ones:

  • Size-ups: All house and apartment residential scenarios now allow trainees to conduct more thorough size-ups that give an accurate indication of what conditions are like inside the compartment. You might encounter smoke exiting through openings, windows blackened, or come across doors so hot they emit steam when sprayed.
  • Door entry: Trainees can now execute door entry procedures where an instructor-controlled secondary firefighter can open and close doors for them.

We have also included ventilation-controlled compartments that will immediately flashover if the correct door entry is not utilised. With compartments now filling realistically with smoke, navigating becomes more difficult and hazardous.

Thermal Imaging Camera

In another exciting development, we have incorporated a thermal imaging camera tool into FLAIM Trainer. Utilising a standard VIVE controller, this tool is the perfect complement to our new compartment system and its smoke-filled rooms. It accurately pinpoints hot zones and people, helping trainees do size-ups and locate firebases. It also allows trainees to search for and rescue trapped occupants.

Thermal Imagining Camera in use

New Inject System

Our new inject system allows instructors to dynamically impact scenarios in multiple ways. For example, should a trainee get too close to a fire or lose touch with the nearest exit, the instructor can trigger an event such as a flashover to keep them vigilant. Instructors can also trigger events where trapped occupants call out, or even make a baby cry out – which elicits a very visceral response from the trainee.

In some scenarios, instructors can cause explosions, make walls, and power lines collapse, and, when needed, activate foam cannons and sprinklers.

Screenshot of some of the new injects available

CFA Burnover Scenario

In this new scenario, a fire truck crew is stranded in the path of a fast-approaching wildfire. When the horn signal is given, the trainee must execute the burn-over readiness procedures before the wildfire passes through.

This scenario is a faithful re-enactment of the Victorian Country Fire Authority SOP 9.32 Entrapment Procedures for Appliances. If you would like to discuss a similar scenario development, please contact us here.

Screenshot of CFA Burnover scenario

Screenshot of CFA Burnover scenario

Naval Frigate Scenarios

We have added two NH90 helicopter crash scenarios set on a naval frigate deck. In these visually impressive scenarios, the trainees are tasked with either protecting the hangar bay from the resulting fire or protecting an NPC firefighter using an extinguisher to gain access to the helicopter cockpit to turn off fuel and power. The instructor can trigger sprinkler and foam cannon suppression systems.

Corrections Facility Scenarios

We have included two scenarios set in a corrections facility. The first scenario involves an inmate who sets fire to a mattress in a cell. This is a very procedural scenario that needs the trainee to interact correctly with the inmate while also attacking the fire. The second scenario depicts a wildfire approaching the corrections facility yard. The fire has random propagation and will emit embers that can ignite spot fires on the prison grounds.


We continue to build a first-class team to support our growing global customer base. We would like to welcome the following new members of our Australian team, based in Geelong (VIC), Melbourne (VIC), and Newcastle (NSW):

  • Nisar Ali – Electronic Assembler
  • Kyle Minors – Senior Developer
  • Paul Hammond – Senior Developer

FLAIM Portal

Have you registered your product yet?

Registering your FLAIM product in the portal is important because it is where:

  • Your warranty details are kept;
  • You can access the latest software updates (which is necessary to ensure the best product performance);
  • You can submit support tickets and request new features

You can register a product by using this helpful guide.


Latest news from around the world

  • FLAIM HQ: FLAIM Systems was among the finalists in the Research Commercialisation category of The Australian Financial Review (AFR)’s Higher Education Awards. The annual AFR awards seek to highlight at a national level “the tremendous contribution that the Higher Education sector makes to Australian prosperity and quality of life”. Read more here.
  • FLAIM USA: Catch the episode of the SmartFirefighting podcast where Evan Wing, our VP of Sales North America, discusses the importance of utilising new technologies to better prepare the fire services to ensure safety in the field. As Fire Lieutenant at the Middleton Fire District for almost a decade, Evan not only understands but feels the consequences of the lack of training technologies for firefighters. Thanks to Kevin Sofen for having us. 
  • FLAIM HQ: FLAIM has successfully completed the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification. What does this mean for our customers? We explain it here.
  • FLAIM INTERNATIONAL: In February this year, FLAIM and our progress in immersive learning was featured in the National Fire Protection Association Journal. This support from the NFPA is critical to moving the industry forward in implementing what we know is a game-changing technology and best practice in keeping firefighters safer and keeping the environment cleaner. Read the article here and watch the video here.
  • FLAIM USA: Chapel Hill High School is among the first high schools in the USA to use FLAIM Trainer. While they have been offering the firefighting curriculum for several years, they have only recently opened a dedicated fire training facility on campus that includes immersive VR training. Read more here
  • FLAIM GREECE: Hellas Gold S.A, one of our Greek customers, has produced this incredible video testimonial.
  • FLAIM SPAIN: In March, Target3D Iberia brought FLAIM Systems in front of their Spanish client during an exclusive event held in Valencia, Spain. Watch the full video

Upcoming Events

This year we will be present at several expos and events around the world to showcase our technology and conduct demos for both FLAIM Trainer and FLAIM Extinguisher.

When are we going to be in your region? Check our calendar here. If you are attending one of these events, you can book a demo in advance by emailing info@flaimsystems.com.



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