Introducing: Workplace Safety: FIRE – the new end-to-end solution for fire safety training

NewsOctober 27th, 2022

When used correctly, fire extinguishers are effective 95% of the time. 

FLAIM is on a mission to help more people train. More often. 

Welcome to Workplace Safety: FIRE (WSF) – our new end-to-end solution for fire safety training. 

WSF is a customisable immersive blended learning platform, combining theory and practice with unlimited training – giving you the tools to train anyone to respond to a small fire and act as an emergency warden, safely and efficiently. 

Watch our launch video below! 

WSF empowers our current FLAIM Extinguisher™ by allowing organisations and trainers to deploy self-directed learning, automate compliance, and access insightful reports. 

 How does it work? 

  1. Trainees complete a theoretical fire safety course on FLAIM’s online platform, learning how to respond to a small fire and act as an emergency warden. 
  2. Trainees perform the required skills and respond to a range of real-world scenarios in an immersive environment using the FLAIM Extinguisher™ 
  3. Trainees’ performance records are digitally captured, they are issued a certificate of completion, and the organisations’ records are automatically updated.

Why WSF is the right solution for you 

WSF enables your organisation to: 

  • Train more people in a more cost-effective way while minimising team disruption and downtime;  
  • Improve your organisation’s safety & compliance with auditable training records;  
  • Access a continuously expanding library of realistic scenarios;  
  • Access pre-built courses mapped to national standards; 
  • Track competency in real-time and issue certificates;   
  • Improve engagement & knowledge retention;  
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by adopting a sustainable solution that has zero environmental impact – no hazardous waste, CO2 emissions or PFAS contamination – and is a safer learning environment; 
  • Offer on-demand learning options that will improve flexibility & productivity.

Who is WSF for? 

WSF was developed to assist: 

  • Training organisations that want to sell and deliver better training 
  • Enterprises that offer their own training and want to train more staff, more often 

It is our wish at FLAIM to see more people trained in fire safety.  

By offering a cost-effective, fully mobile, unlimited training solution, WSF can not only be used to train fire wardens but can become a key part of your onboarding of new staff, using it as a self-directed learning tool that your workforce can easily access anytime. 

Using the PASS technique, and fire safety procedural training including the correct agent, fire blanket or fire hose selection are all key elements everyone needs to train to know to be better prepared for when incidents happen, at work or in everyday life. 

And why FLAIM? 

  • WSF is 30% cheaper than other virtual solutions on the market, that don’t offer an end-to-end solution or immersive training 
  • FLAIM has the best immersive fire safety training in the world – we’re not afraid to say it. We have sunk over 30,000 hours into the development of our propriety algorithm that incorporates a unique combination of fire science modelling, kinesthetics, haptics and virtual learning environments. 

How to access WSF 

FLAIM Workplace Safety: Fire is available now for your organisation. 

Existing FLAIM Extinguisher™ customers can upgrade their subscription to include access to Workplace Safety: FIRE and link their current headset/s (available for V2 and V3 models). Contact your FLAIM representative or distributor to find out more.  

New customers can contact FLAIM here and we will connect you with a distributor in your region to book a demonstration. 

Watch a video outlining the features of Workplace Safety: FIRE below.