FLAIM wrap of FDIC 2024

NewsMay 1st, 2024

We are full of excitement and energy following our attendance at FDIC 2024!

FLAIM team members from around the world gathered to take new and old customers through our immersive training solutions.

From engaging discussions to hands-on demos, it was an incredible experience connecting with fellow industry professionals.

Below is a video and some highlights from the event:


XR Studios

FLAIM held 60 live demonstrations featuring our latest innovation, the FLAIM Trainer T3, showcasing new capabilities including multi-user training and an array of realistic scenarios. From tackling a simulated residential bedroom fire to combatting the complexities of an F35 engine fire, each demo showcased FLAIM Trainer’s versatility and effectiveness in preparing firefighters for high-risk environments.

Featured in FireRescue1

Want to see a snapshot from one of our immersive firefighter training demonstrations? Take a look at FireRescue1’s live video:


Hyper Reality Learning 

In collaboration with KFT Fire Trainer, FLAIM Systems demonstrated a world first in hyper reality learning, combining augmented reality in a containerized live fire simulation to deliver a synthetic CO2 extinguisher training event.

Boosting Recruitment with VR

Hundreds of attendees lined up to get their hands on an exclusive HAIX backpack and immerse themselves in FLAIM’s interactive VR firefighter recruitment game, a feature within the FLAIM Trainer. Participants battled their way to the top of the scoreboard and one skilful contestant even knocked James Mullins, FLAIM CTO, out of first place!

And the winner is…

At FDIC we asked everyone who joined FLAIM Systems at the XR Studios to participate in our survey – and in doing so enter the competition to win a FLAIM WSF kit.

Melanie Marzette from the District of Columbia Fire and EMS was the lucky winner – we can’t wait to see it in action with your team.

If you would like to see how FLAIM’s immersive learning solutions can boost your team’s training, reach out to us here to schedule a demonstration.