FLAIM Extinguisher Software Update and New Scenarios – R2 2022

NewsDecember 22nd, 2022

We are excited to announce the latest FLAIM Extinguisher software release!

Please read on to hear more about how the new features and scenarios, quality of life enhancements & performance improvements offer a safer, smarter, deeper solution that will help you to deliver even more comprehensive fire safety training.

Here is what you will find in this email:

  • A video from FLAIM Founder and CTO James Mullins showcasing the highlights of the release
  • FLAIM Extinguisher updates in detail
  • How to download the new software release
  • What’s new

We want to thank our partners and customers around the world for their continuous support and dedication to building better fire safety training solutions.

As always, if you require assistance or would like to provide feedback/suggestions on our solutions, please can log on to our support portal.

IMPORTANT: For users with a VIVE Focus 3 headset, when you are updating your device please ensure you also follow the instructions in this email to download the latest user manual for best practice device management and troubleshooting instructions.

A message from FLAIM Founder & CTO James Mullins

FLAIM Extinguisher Updates

New Workplace Fire Warden Scenario

The highlight of this release is our new Workplace Fire Warden scenario, which puts trainees in the shoes of a fire warden and tests their response to a fire emergency. The scenario follows the regulations of fire warden procedures. It requires the trainees to follow a range of steps, such as activating the alarm, contacting the fire services, searching the entire floor, evacuating colleagues, and determining whether to fight the fire or evacuate. This is our first scenario to feature an evacuation zone, which, along with fire warden procedures, will form the cornerstone of future business and professional scenarios.

New Workplace Fire Warden Scenario

New Air Ambulance Scenarios

We have expanded our suite of air ambulance environments and now offer two inflight medical bay scenarios: a medical equipment fire and a medical bag fire.

Both these incidents can be extremely challenging for flight crews to manage due to the various complexities involved. The medical bag fire, in particular, requires the use of a precise extinguisher technique to ensure that the patient is not exposed to any harmful halon suppressant.

New Air Ambulance Scenarios

New Corrections Facility Scenarios

This update also introduces our two Corrections Facility scenarios that require precise and detailed procedures to evacuate inmates and fight fires in prisons safely. The first incident features a low-security cottage scenario involving an unattended frying pan on a gas burner. The trainee needs to evacuate the inmates in the cottage and correctly fight the fat fire.

The second incident features a deliberately lit mattress in a high-security management cell. In this situation, trainees need to deal with a volatile compartment fire while at the same time handling a potentially dangerous inmate.

New Corrections Facility Scenarios

New Army Bulk Fuel Tanker Fire

In our newest Army Bulk Fuel Tanker Fire training environment at a remote fuel depot, trainees must isolate the fuel delivery manifold on an army truck before proceeding to extinguish the fire.  To make matters more complex, the trainees must also combat the wind, which can make the line of approach to the fire difficult. How trainees decide to attack the fire is vital to their success.

New Army Bulk Fuel Tanker Fire


New FLAIM Launcher

The new FLAIM Launcher interface and setup make installing, managing, and updating FLAIM Workplace Safety apps easier than ever. It also allows for greater control and customisation of settings and localisation and updates are now much smoother and faster.

New FLAIM Launcher

Finally, this release features many under-the-bonnet improvements to performance and quality of life, including the ability to toggle the auto-selection pointer, making it easier to navigate the software. Additionally, our FLAIM Capture system has been further enhanced and now provides clients with better data insights into how their trainees are progressing.


FLAIM Portal

Have you registered your FLAIM Extinguisher yet?

Registering your FLAIM Extinguisher in the portal is important because it is where:

  • Your warranty details are kept;
  • You can access the latest software updates (which is necessary to ensure the best product performance);
  • You can submit support tickets and request new features

You can register a product by using this helpful guide.

Download the New Update

Please follow the steps below to access the latest FLAIM Extinguisher software release updates: 

  1. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. 
  2. Open the FLAIM Launcher and check for updates on the right side of the screen. 
  3. If an update is available, click the ‘update’ button. 
  4. Keep your device powered on and connected to Wi-Fi while the update is being installed. 
  5. Once the update is complete, launch the latest version available. 

We have updated the FLAIM Extinguisher Scenarios and User Manuals.  All the documentation is available in the FLAIM portal here.

What’s New

A few months ago, FLAIM launched Workplace Safety: FIRE (WSF). WSF is the world-leading, end-to-end solution for fire safety training that combines an immersive training experience with a blended learning platform to increase learner engagement and competency, improve organisational compliance and deliver certified training outcomes. To find out more about WSF, visit our website or contact our team for a demo. Read more about WSF here.

Introducing Workplace Safety: FIRE


Are you looking to expand your immersive training capability? Contact FLAIM to organise a demo!

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