FLAIM Trainer™, the world’s first immersive technology enabled firefighter training solution

Deeper learning

FLAIM Trainer™ combines high fidelity virtual fire environments with real time physical interfaces to deliver the feels real virtual training experience, any place, any time in a safe cost effective manner that safely prepares firefighters for the risks associated with fighting fires.

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Safer<br />Smarter<br />Deeper learning
  • FLAIM Trainer™ proprietary PC backpack
  • VIVE Pro™ headset subsystem
  • SCBA capturing respiration and fatigue data
  • Feel the force feedback hose reel & nozzle
  • Feel the heat fire proximity heat suit
  • Immersive Simulation
    Delivering a physical world training solution in a safe, controlled virtual environment
  • Virtual Environments
    High fidelity virtual experiences with a continuously expanding portfolio of scenarios
  • Multi-Sensory
    Integrated physical interfaces to deliver the “Feels Real” virtual training experience
  • Fire Science
    Proprietary algorithmic modelling delivers real fire behaviour in a virtual environment
  • Biometric Performance
    Statistical learning outcome analysis to generate data driven decision making
  • Live Feedback
    Real time data capture, analysis and training outcome feedback

Totally portable, immersive learning firefighter training solution

FLAIM Trainer enables the trainer to take the live fire training ground into the classroom. With a set-up time of less than 15 minutes training firefighters in risk awareness, hazard anticipation and fire suppression tactics is made simple by FLAIM’s proprietary fully immersive learning approach.

Expansive library of high-fidelity virtual fire environments

  • Mine

  • Airport

  • Aircraft

  • Warehouse

Enterprise solutions

FLAIM develops complete, bespoke, custom scenario and learning solutions to deliver unique training and learning solutions for critical emergency situations.

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    Backed by over 10 years of research and development at Deakin University’s Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation. FLAIM’s proprietary algorithms mimic real fire behaviour including; movement, smoke, flashover and explosions.

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