Workplace Safety: FIRE. The end-to-end solution for fire safety training

VR fire safety training: anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Workplace Safety: FIRE is an engaging, flexible, dynamic solution that improves organisational safety and compliance. Immerse trainees in a multi-sensory, kinaesthetic experience, using the FLAIM Extinguisher prop, Vive Focus 3 VR headset, a comprehensive library of immersive fire safety scenarios and FLAIM’s world-leading fire behaviour. Track, manage, assess training and automate compliance using a blended learning platform.

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VR fire safety training: anyone, anywhere, anytime.
    • Immersive Simulation
      Delivering a physical world training solution in a safe, controlled virtual environment
    • Multi-Sensory
      Integrated physical interfaces to deliver the “Feels so Real” virtual training experience
    • Virtual Environments
      High fidelity virtual experiences with a continuously expanding portfolio of scenarios
    • Fire Science
      Proprietary algorithmic modelling delivers real fire behaviour in a virtual environment
    • Biometric Performance
      Statistical learning outcome analysis to generate data driven decision making
    • Live Feedback
      Real time data capture, analysis and training outcome feedback

    A fire extinguisher simulator with integrated blended learning

    Empower your staff with workplace fire safety and extinguisher training you can rely on. FLAIM’s new customisable immersive blended learning platform combines theory and practice, and unlimited training, to ensure you can train anyone to respond to a small fire and act as an emergency warden. When used correctly, fire extinguishers are effective 95% of the time. With our system, staff in your organisation can learn via an engaging, hands-on experience that is safe, efficient, and more cost-effective.

    • World-leading immersive solution. Traditional fire extinguisher training is frequently messy, expensive, and inefficient. Our smart fire extinguisher and warden training offers an aesthetic and engaging learning experience without the waste.
    • Customisable immersive blended learning platform. Configure to meet your needs.
    • Courses mapped to national standards. Divided into micro-level modules to enable self-directed learning.
    • Record behaviours as they happen. Access auditable training records and performance data.
    • Maintain compliance. Ensure staff in your workplace are up-to-date with the fire safety training they need. Automatically issue certificates of completion and track expired training.

    Deliver fire safety training in diverse environments

    Every fire scenario is different. Our fire extinguisher training simulator comes with a diverse package of common fire scenarios featuring the following environments:

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    • Transport

    • House

    • Mining

    • Defence

    Enterprise fire extinguisher and safety training solutions

    We work with organisations from across the private and public sectors. Get custom environments to train your team and access to our extensive scenario library, along with integration to your broader learning and training ecosystems.

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    Backed by over 10 years of research and development at Deakin University’s Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation. FLAIM’s proprietary algorithms mimic real fire behaviour including; movement, smoke, flashover and explosions.

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