FLAIM Extinguisher™ immerses trainees in virtual reality emergency situations

Proper skills and early response to fire saves lives

FLAIM Extinguisher immerses trainees in virtual reality, delivering a realistic simulation of a range of fire events to efficiently train first responders.

Proper skills and early response to fire saves lives
    • Immersive Simulation
      Delivering a physical world training solution in a safe, controlled virtual environment
    • Multi-Sensory
      Integrated physical interfaces to deliver the “Feels so Real” virtual training experience
    • Virtual Environments
      High fidelity virtual experiences with a continuously expanding portfolio of scenarios
    • Fire Science
      Proprietary algorithmic modelling delivers real fire behaviour in a virtual environment
    • Biometric Performance
      Statistical learning outcome analysis to generate data driven decision making
    • Live Feedback
      Real time data capture, analysis and training outcome feedback

    Explore different environments

    FLAIM Extinguisher comes with a package of common fire scenarios in the following environments:

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    • Transport

    • House

    • Mining

    • Defence

    Enterprise Solutions

    Custom training environments to train your team. Integration to your broader learning and training ecosystems with customisable equipment, AR training or performance analytics.

    Used and trusted by

    Backed by over 10 years of research and development at Deakin University’s Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation. FLAIM’s proprietary algorithms mimic real fire behaviour including; movement, smoke, flashover and explosions.

    Our Research

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