FLAIM Elevates Immersive Firefighter Training with Latest Software Update – R1 2023

NewsNovember 9th, 2023

We’re excited to announce our latest software release for Trainer customers, packed with new features, scenarios, and significant improvements that have been carefully crafted based on user feedback and market demands.

Here’s what’s changed:


FLAIM Trainer is now equipped with our Learning Performance Analytics System, Capture, helping you extract accurate and actionable intelligence to inform training strategy.

Teams Training

Benefit from immersive real-life firefighter training scenarios together to improve your team’s response. The cloud-based connection offers a scalable solution for cross-department and role-based team training.

System Updates

Access the latest software releases via a Wi-Fi connection to leverage new features and fire training scenarios.


That’s not all…

Enhanced Heat Suit Sensitivity

Experience a heightened sense of realism with improved heat suit sensitivity, which is now more responsive to fire direction and proximity.

Scenario Classification

A new scenario classification system has been implemented, involving Incident Types. This system is closely aligned to normal fire incident classification systems.

Improved Scenarios

We’ve introduced new on-scene vehicles (such as tanker and pumper vehicles) for more realistic scenarios. A thermal camera has also been introduced to all scenarios to allow trainees to accurately pinpoint key areas of heat.

Sharpened Audio Experience

The audio has been enhanced for the user to create a more life-like experience. Now audio of occupants, personnel and suppressants are spatially tracked for better situational awareness training.

Tutorial Changes

The tutorial is now instigated from a laptop on the bench to prevent accidental triggering.

Life-like Residential Scenarios

The introduction of physics based properties allows objects to respond realistically to the suppressant being used by the trainee.

Introduction to Overhaul

Scenarios no longer end when a trainee succeeds or fails. Now training facilitators are notified of the completion of a scenario, and can trigger a commence overhaul inject.

FLAIM Attack

To improve skill training, FLAIM Attack, our skills based game, introduces electrical hazards and incorporates the need for trainees to crouch to help build muscle memory under strenuous conditions.

Radio & Alerts

A fully functional push-to-talk radio can be used to recreate fire ground communication. When the radio’s alert button is pressed, the trainee hears an alert tone signalling that a firefighter is in danger.

Torch Activation

Users can activate a torch via a button on the vest, which can be used in any scenario.


If you’re a current Trainer T3 or V2 customer, please find the relevant release notes to see what’s available to you. To download the software you must have an active subscription.

T3 Releaser Notes           V2 Release Notes

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