FLAIM Trainer Software Update and New Scenarios – R2 2022

NewsDecember 21st, 2022

The latest FLAIM Trainer software release is here!

This release features many new exciting updates, such as our first large-scale, complex Aviation Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) scenario, our new multi-user technology, improved FLAIM simulation system for enhanced foam, fire, water, and smoke physics, our VR game and much more.

Here is what you will find in this email:

  • A video from FLAIM Founder and CTO James Mullins showcasing the highlights of the release
  • FLAIM Trainer updates in detail
  • FLAIM Team updates
  • Product registration and download instructions (this is how you access the latest release!)
  • Latest news from around the world

We want to thank our 33 partners and over 237 customers around the world for your continuous support and dedication to FLAIM. We love hearing your feedback and seeing all of you engaged in the mission of better training through our multi-sensory immersive learning solutions.

A message from FLAIM Founder & CTO James Mullins

FLAIM Trainer Updates

New Aircraft Crash Scenario

This release premieres our large-scale, complex Aviation Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) scenario. This ARFF scenario showcases a Boeing 777 crash and the resulting fire. The trainees attend the scene in a fire truck and turn on the foam cannons before being called to grab a handline and clear an evacuation exit. They then make their way inside the aircraft to fight their way to the cockpit, rescuing any passengers or flight crew they find along the way. This is the most realistic and frightening firefighting incident that we have created.    

Aircraft Crash Scenario

New Refinery Scenario

Our new Brazilian refinery scenario features a high-pressure gas jet fire and a naphtha (sometimes known as Shellite) fuel leak fire. It comes fully loaded with foam cannons, collapsing pipes, and explosions. These are challenging procedural scenarios where trainees are guided by radio-based Incident Command messages. Trainees may also request to use our new suppressant, Purple K, which makes knocking down vertical fuel leak fires easier than it would otherwise be. 

Refinery Scenario

New SUV Incident Scenario

The new SUV Fire Incident scenario is an example of the growing power of interaction instructors will soon have via ‘injects. Instructors can now use injects to ignite the engine, passenger, and trunk compartment fires, explode tires, shoot bonnet struts out, roll the vehicle down the road, and start its ignition. Trainees can chock wheels, disconnect the battery, and even get hit by oncoming traffic if they stand outside the lane protected by the fire truck.  

SUV Incident Scenario

Introducing Multi-User Scenarios

We are very proud to introduce our new multi-user system with two custom-made scenarios. This has been one of the most requested features from our customers. This vast and complex feature is one of the most requested by our clients, and we heartily welcome all feedback as we prepare to expand on it in future releases.  

Multi-User Training Scenarios

These initial two scenarios feature multiple trainees using hose lines. The Residential scenario sees trainees working together to fight a huge house fire ignited via an electric scooter in an upstairs bedroom. This is becoming a very common event around the world for fire services response. Teamwork and situational awareness are needed to avoid hazards like a collapsing floor.    

The second multiuser scenario involves multiple trainees with hose lines combatting a helicopter crash on a navy frigate. Things are further complicated by a trapped pilot inside the burning aircraft and a rapidly heating torpedo that might explode if not cooled correctly. (A less common scenario, but extremely high risk and hard to train for).   

Improved Simulation System, Fire Dynamics & Visual Enhancements

This release sees significant advances in the sim system and fire dynamics. 

The use of foam has been enhanced: you can now bounce, roll and lob foam onto surfaces and fuel types.  

The behaviour of foam cannons and turrets has been enhanced as well and a new Purple K suppressant has been incorporated for ARFF and other relevant fires.  

Grass fires propagate in correct patterns based on wind direction and speed, as does smoke, ensuring wildfire/bushfire firefighter trainees have an even better experience of fire behaviour in these environments. 

Adding to this, there have been a host of visual enhancements. Firefighting is a chaotic and dangerous activity, and we continue to enhance FLAIM Trainer to ensure it is reflected as accurately as possible in a virtual environment. 

  • In our residential environments, trainees can turn off power at the mains and see the lights go out.  
  • Our new helmet torch is being trialled in the ARFF Boing 777 Crash scenario.  
  • Some scenarios feature complete physics, so the hose stream will move objects around.
  • There have been significant updates to the thermal imaging camera to enhance usability when outside fire compartments and with gas layers and people.  
  • Helmet visor effects have been incorporated with soot, grime, and water splatters impacting the trainee’s vision.  
  • An optional heat flare effect has also been added to warn trainees should they venture too close to the fire. 
  • Smoke and steam-filled rooms reduce visibility and disorientate trainees.  
  • Flashovers are more explosive, and gas explosions will terminate scenarios prematurely.  
  • And finally, there are also dangers, such as collapsing floors and ceilings, that, if encountered in real life, would lead to serious physical injury if not handled correctly.   

Improved Simulation System, Fire Dynamics & Visual Enhancements

Introducing FLAIM Attack

At FLAIM, we take firefighting very seriously, but we also recognise that some learning outcomes can be reinforced in fun ways. We are introducing FLAIM Attack, a classic arcade-style game that puts the fun back into hose drills. The aim of the VR rhythm game is to shoot waves of incoming fireballs with your hose. It is super fun and competitive and teaches users good hose technique and the correct use of jet and fog streams. 

Video of FLAIM Attack



We continue to build a first-class team to support our growing global customer base. We would like to welcome the following new members of our Australian team, based in Geelong (VIC) and Melbourne (VIC). 

  • Kelly Stevens – Customer Success Lead
  • Jaxon Winsall – Electronic Assembler
  • Julian Cooper – Electronic Assembler  

FLAIM Portal

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Latest news from around the world

  • FLAIM INTERNATIONAL: FLAIM recently won the Unity “Best First Responder Training Application” award during the I/ITSEC Conference in Orlando, FL. This is a considerable achievement and testimony of our development team’s incredible behind-the-scenes work.   
  • FLAIM HQ: FLAIM was awarded the Regional Development Victoria Business Achievement Award in the Community Achievements Awards for businesses in regional Australia.
  • FLAIM USA: How can virtual reality improve recruitment & retention? How can VR be a tool that supports mental health? How does immersive learning offer additional sets and reps? Catch the latest episode of the Smart FireFighting podcast, where our very own Evan Wing, VP of Sales North America, dives into these topics.
  • FLAIM CANADA: The Georgian College in Barrie, ONT, is the first college in Canada to test integrating immersive firefighter training into its curriculum. Check out the video with the coverage of this initiative via our partners KD & Pratt Canada. 
  • FLAIM GREECE: Hellas Gold S.A., an Athens-based mining company, won the Bravo Sustainability Dialogues & Awards with its “FLAIM Trainer: an innovative virtual reality training programme” initiative.
  • FLAIM HQ: Chirnside Park CFA volunteers swap helmets for VR”- read this great write-up on the Country Fire Authority (CFA)’s utilisation of FLAIM Across Victoria, Australia. 
  • FLAIM HQ: Rio Tinto’s Australian emergency services teams have embraced FLAIM’s multi-sensory immersive learning solutions to practice their firefighting skills in safe, virtual and realistic environments. Check out this excellent video testimonial produced by Rio Tinto’s team. 


FLAIM Events

The second half of 2022 has been a busy time for our international team & partners, who have displayed our technology at conferences, expos, and roadshows worldwide, including Australia, the USA, the UK, Brasil, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Papua New Guinea, India, Korea and Fiji. 

We are proud to have seen our solutions showcased with our partners, such as Dräger, Darley, Leidos & HP. 

Look out for our 2023 calendar to see where our partners will be showcasing FLAIM around the world! 


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