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Remote Area Group delivers first aid & fire training in remote indigenous communities across the Northern Territory (NT). With a surface of 1.4 million square kilometres, and a sparse population of 247,000 people, providing this type of service in the NT represents quite a challenge. 

CEO Martin Evans uses an ultralight aircraft to visit customers from their business base in Humpty Doo – and space is everything.  

Before looking into virtual solutions, Remote Area Group provided traditional fire extinguisher training – which would involve students standing around a fire in a tray, taking turns to put it out. This, as Evans says: “always left students underwhelmed”. 

Not only is this type of training un-engaging, it’s just not practical for Marty’s team, as it limits the amount of practice they can offer. After looking for a better way to train for over five years, Remote Area Group began implementing the FLAIM Extinguisher solution in 2020 and has trained hundreds of students virtually across the NT. 

Now we have the opportunity to train students in multiple engaging and realistic scenarios relevant to them, the ability to use multiple types of extinguishers and importantly the ability to safely get it wrong.
Marty Evans

Remote Area Group trainees with FLAIM Extinguisher

Remote Area Group trainees with FLAIM Extinguisher


Each training session that REA holds typically has ten students. Thanks to FLAIM Extinguisher each student can now make 6-10 different attempts to extinguish fires during a session. “This is the equivalent of 100 extinguishers”, adds Evans. “There is no way they would fit on our plane. This is topped by the fact that there is zero environmental impact and no waste in the ground. It’s a win-win.”  

Evans says setting up FLAIM as a new training offering for Remote Area Group was easy and intuitive –  ‘Plug, play, learn and train’ – and most importantly, it means they no longer have to carry dangerous good on their ultralight aircraft.  

And how do they measure success?

Our KPIs? The smiles on the faces of our students after they have attended a training session with FLAIM Extinguisher. We have heaps of pics of happy students. This is the best training product I’ve EVER bought; I just can’t imagine what the next version will look like. Thank you!
Marty Evans

On location with Remote Area Group

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