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Aviation firefighter training presents unique challenges, requiring realistic firefighter training for dangerous and difficult to conduct operations in the safest form possible.

To meet these demands, Newcastle International Training Academy was seeking a solution that provides safe firefighter training for dangerous and difficult-to-conduct operations, whilst aligning with its 2035 Carbon Neutral target.


The primary challenge was to maintain safety and realism in firefighter training without compromising on environmental sustainability. Live fire exercises posed risks and environmental concerns, necessitating a shift towards alternative training methods.


FLAIM Trainer emerged as the optimal choice after rigorous evaluation. Its life-like immersive simulations and diverse scenarios offered a comprehensive training experience. The ability to conduct training in any weather condition, without risk to safety or the environment, aligned perfectly with the Academy’s requirements.


Since integrating the FLAIM Trainer into its training curriculum, Newcastle International Airport has delivered over 200 hours of training to approximately 130 students. The feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive, citing the system’s realism and safety benefits.

“There has been a 100% positive feedback reaction from the students during and after using the FLAIM Trainer” said Graham Reeve, Senior Training Instructor at Newcastle International Training Academy.

“They have been extremely enthusiastic regarding how FLAIM Trainer realistically replicates incidents and if mistakes are made it is within a safe environment, those mistakes can be used in the debrief as a powerful training and learning point adding to their proficiency, competency, and future safety without the danger of injury.”

Moreover, the adoption of VR has contributed significantly to the airport’s environmental objectives, reducing emissions, water, and foam usage during training exercises.

“We have positively contributed towards Newcastle International Airport’s ongoing target of ensuring carbon neutral by 2035 by reducing emissions from burning and vehicle exhausts, reduced the amount of water and foam used during training” added Reeve.

“We have actively saved money regarding fuel for burning, fire appliance fuel and wear & tear. We have been able to carry on teaching during excessive weather with wind rain and snow, thus maintaining our training programme”.

Looking ahead, VR’s role in aviation firefighter training is poised to expand, offering a viable alternative to live fire exercises whilst enhancing training outcomes and environmental sustainability.


Watch Newcastle International Airport’s full story here:


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