Hellas Gold training showcase with FLAIM Trainer

Athens-based mining company, Hellas Gold, has produced a wonderful showcase of the incredible training they are doing with FLAIM Trianer.

From Hellas Gold:

“The Health and Safety of our employees is of paramount importance. To that end, we proceeded to train our Rescue and Fire Safety teams using the innovative FLAIM Trainer system. Through virtual reality technology, the program creates almost realistic risk scenarios, which trainees are called to respond to, exercising both their reflexes and their way of thinking”.

Hellas Gold also recently won the Bravo Sustainability Dialogues & Awards 2022 thanks to FLAIM Trainer. They entered the “Health & Safety Program” category with its initiative “FLAIM Trainer: an innovative virtual reality training programme”.

Upon receiving the award, Daftsis Emmanouil, Health, Safety & Training Manager at Hellas Gold, said: “With the FLAIM TRAINER training program and the use of FLAIM’s technological solutions, we managed to train the members of the rescue team of the Kassandra Mines in dealing with fires under different conditions and at three different levels of difficulty. This enabled the members of the team- who are also the last line of defence- to improve their technical expertise and assess their capabilities in extreme conditions, all while ensuring their safety and protecting the environment.”

Congratulations to Hellas Gold not only for winning but also for promoting an educational program that has at heart the health & safety of their employees, the continuous training of their skills and the development of their knowledge.

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Hellas Gold

Hellas Gold S.A. is a gold, silver, lead and zinc mining company headquartered in Athens, Greece.

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