French Navy’s Academy completes training review

Pôle écoles Méditerranée, the French Navy’s Academy near Toulon have completed a training review with FLAIM Trainer for their advanced fire fighting and damage control courses.

The review shows that full immersion training which FLAIM Trainer offers, has a clear added value. The French Navy is now seriously considering implementation of immersive / VR training in their standard curriculum. 

“VR Training like FLAIM offers a clear advantage for staff health and safety, and the environment whilst maintaining a high level of training realism” says Laurent Costa, manager of the safety and damage control training unit of the French Navy’s Academy.

French Navy Academy Training

Laurent Costa, manager of the French Navy Academy’s safety and damage control training unit, demonstrating FLAIM Trainer

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French Navy

The École navale is the French naval academy, in charge of the education of the officers of the French Navy.

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