Deakin University Accelerates Fire Safety Training for Staff and Students

Deakin University Accelerates Fire Safety Training for Staff and Students



Deakin University, an institution committed to cutting-edge technology, was looking to transform its fire safety training solution for staff and students by utilising new technology to expand its training offerings easily and affordably.


Deakin faced several challenges in its existing fire safety training program. Traditional physical extinguisher training was not only expensive, but also reliant on weather conditions, restricting the amount of employees who could receive training. Scheduling and rescheduling sessions proved inefficient, reducing the overall effectiveness of the program. Deakin wanted to overcome these obstacles whilst offering training solutions to a larger audience.


The FLAIM Extinguisher presented an ideal solution for Deakin. Its familiarity with FLAIM, coupled with the system’s versatility, allowed the university to scale its training offerings. The immersive learning solution eliminated the weather-dependent constraints, enabling training in all conditions. Equipped with a library of scenarios, the FLAIM Extinguisher enabled training across relevant areas in which Deakin operations, including offices, warehouses, laboratories and fieldwork.

Glenn Stickland, Senior Officer, Emergency Management at Deakin University said “increased access, reliable training and scenarios allow for tailoring of training to the broad variety of staff members we have across very different roles such as office, lab, manufacturing, maintenance, medical, etc. In particular, it enabled us to provide specific training to our team that entered the Solar Car Challenge from Darwin to Adelaide, and we will be rolling it out to our specialised BatTRI Hub in the new year”.


The FLAIM Extinguisher has become an integral part of Deakin’s fire safety training curriculum. Initially limited to wardens and security teams, the program has expanded to include all staff, emphasising its importance across various roles and environments.

Since the program’s initiation in early 2023, over 150 wardens, security personnel, tenants, staff, and students have undergone training. Eight training sessions are conducted annually on each campus, with additional bespoke sessions organised to cater to specific departments.

Deakin staff can complete an online theory session and register for in-person practical sessions to enhance their understanding of fire extinguisher operations.

Deakin University’s success with the FLAIM Extinguisher demonstrates how immersive learning solutions can revolutionise traditional fire safety training methods, making them more accessible, engaging, and tailored to diverse organisational needs.

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