FLAIM supports HTC to launch VIVE Wrist Tracker at CES 2022

Press & ResearchJanuary 14th, 2022


2022 could not have started in a more exciting way!  

FLAIM’s long-term technology partner, HTC, took us to the most important technology show in the world, CES 2022, to help launch the brand-new HTC VIVE Wrist Tracker. 

VIVE Wrist Tracker is the first inside-out tracker for VIVE Focus 3, delivering more accurate tracking for occluded objects. 

One of the major problems in VR is that most tracking requires a mix of the controller and a headset. However, moving your hands behind your head generally makes you lose track unless you have a full room-scale setup.  

Now, wearing a VIVE Wrist Tracker on the wrist allows for accurate hand tracking from the fingertips to the elbow, even when the headset cameras can’t see the tracker or a users’ hands occlude a handled object. 

At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, FLAIM showcased the VIVE Wrist tracker on its FLAIM Extinguisher – a world-leading immersive learning solution developed to improve the preparedness of first responders.  


FLAIM Extinguisher with VIVE Wrist Tracker at CES 2022

FLAIM Extinguisher with VIVE Wrist Tracker at CES 2022


FLAIM Extinguisher immerses trainees in over 50 virtual reality emergency situations that offer a smarter, faster, and deeper approach to traditional methods of training.  

With the addition of the VIVE Wrist Tracker, FLAIM can now also track a trainee’s use of the physical extinguisher, allowing us to assess usage data and develop better safety training solutions based on kinaesthetic learning.  

CTO and Founder of FLAIM, James Mullins, said this type of training is more effective and scalable for organisations: 

Integrating VIVE Wrist Trackers with VIVE Focus 3 is such a game-changer and enables immersive kinaesthetic and tactile experiences in a natural way. VIVE Wrist Trackers enable a deeper learning element, which means that you retain more and ultimately have a better learning outcome, without the risk of harm or exposure to the hazard. All this while improving training frequency and throughput per session”. 


About the VIVE Wrist Tracker 

VIVE Wrist Tracker

VIVE Wrist Tracker


Measuring about the same size as a smartwatch, the VIVE Wrist Tracker is lightweight, intuitive, and easy to set up – connecting wirelessly to the VIVE Focus 3.  

Invisible LEDs located on the tracker allow the headset to calculate precise location and movement through a 3D space. It comes attached to a standard watch wristband, but it can easily be attached to other objects for highly accurate tracking in a wide variety of VR scenarios. 

James Mullins says FLAIM is excited to continue working with HTC on truly immersive, accessible VR experiences 

“The VIVE Wrist Tracker by Focus 3 and our FLAIM Extinguisher hardware really completes the trifecta of technologies enabling us to train people more effectively, wherever they are in the world.” 

The VIVE Wrist Tracker will launch in Q1 2022. It was a winner in the Digital Trends “Top Tech of CES 2022 Awards”, taking out the Mobile category.