FLAIM Extinguisher Update and New Scenarios – R1 2022

NewsJuly 12th, 2022

The first FLAIM Extinguisher release for 2022 is here!

We’re excited to share the latest updates and news from the FLAIM community.

The most significant change is to the dashboard you see when you put on the headset, which facilitates easy updating, set up and localisation of the device. We’ve also added a new construction environment with four scenarios, a magnesium fire in our science laboratory and advanced versions of the Wind Turbine scenarios.

Based on user feedback we have made a small but important change to the user experience. You can now use the Extinguisher trigger to point and select – instead of the nozzle trigger!

We are excited to share these improvements in more detail below. Here is what you will find in this email:

  • A video from FLAIM Founder and CTO James Mullins showcasing the highlights of the release
  • FLAIM Extinguisher updates in detail
  • FLAIM Team updates
  • Product registration and downloadable instructions (this is how you access the latest release!)
  • Latest news from around the world
  • Latest Case Studies

We would like to send a huge thank you to all of our European partners that helped us with the successful Interschutz event in June. We ran 1,000 training exercises over the week – around 35 hours worth of training! We couldn’t of done it without your support.

A message from FLAIM Founder & CTO James Mullins


FLAIM Extinguisher Updates

New construction site environment

We are proud to premiere our new construction site environment which features four different scenarios and highlights the extra care needed when working at heights. We have included welding and brazing hot works fires as well as engine and hydraulic line heavy machinery fires.​

Wind Turbine engine fire

We have added advanced versions of the wind turbine scenarios which feature larger and more difficult versions of the fires.

Fire Blanket

We are heavily committed to the ongoing improvement of our existing technology base. In this release we have paid particular attention to the fire blanket and have improved its functionality and realism significantly. A manually triggered suppression system has also been added to the commercial kitchen.

Localisation improvements

We now have 28 localised text country / language variations. Extinguisher bottle and band colours have also been localised where possible.

Magnesium fire in science laboratory

A magnesium fire in a CNC milling machine has been added to the science laboratory. This is our first combustible metal (class D) fire, and it demonstrates the unique issues associated with these types of fires.


We continue to build a first-class team to support our growing global customer base. We would like to welcome the following new members of our team:

  • Damian Eggleston – Director of Customer Experience, Australia, New Zealand and Asia

Damian joins the team with extensive industry experience, including nearly 25 years with Dräger and NSW Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS) in operational and learning and development roles across Africa, Asia and Australia. Damian has a wealth of firefighting experience in the APAC region, including as a volunteer firefighter and instructor with NSWRFS for over 20 years, and has completed a number of officer exchanges with China, Singapore and Brunei.

  • Mark (Ted) O’Brien – Director of Customer Experience, UK and Ireland

Ted joins FLAIM’s team with extensive industry experience including 30 years with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service and 4 years at The Fire Service College. He has deep knowledge in the field of training and development of Firefighters. We are delighted with his appointment.

FLAIM Portal

Have you registered your product yet?

Registering your FLAIM product in the portal is important because it is where:

  • Your warranty details are kept;
  • You can access the latest software updates (which is necessary to ensure the best product performance);
  • You can submit support tickets and request new features

You can register a product by using this helpful guide.

Latest news from around the world

  • FLAIM Germany: Team members from around the world converged in Hannover, Germany for the Interschutz conference. You can watch our event recap video here.
  • FLAIM Australia: The FLAIM team showcased our latest naval environments at INDO PACIFIC. The International Maritime Exposition was the largest maritime event of its kind in Australia with more than 700 participating exhibitor companies and attendees from over 43 nations. You can watch a preview of some of the environments here.
  • FLAIM HQ: Country Fire Authority (CFA) brigade, Chirnside Park, was featured in a local newspaper article highlighting how they use FLAIM as a training device for volunteers and new recruits. 

Upcoming Events

We continue to showcase our products at various events around the world. To see when we are going to be in your region you can view our events calendar here. If you are attending one of these events, you can book a demo in advance by emailing info@flaimsystems.com.


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As always, if you require assistance or would like to provide feedback/suggestions, feel free to contact us at any time: support@flaimsystems.com.